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Tomasz Knapik, gadu-gadu

Kresy Wschodnie
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Eastern Borderlands, Khotyn, borderland stronghold Dear Guests,
I am pleased to welcome you at my website didicated to Eastern Borderlands (Kresy Wschodnie). For those who don't know, the term means areas on the east of Poland belonged to it before World War II. Nowdays most of them is a part of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Initially, the site refered only to ukrainian lands, but after my visiting Lithuania I added materials from this country. So you can find here many photos and informations about eastern frontiers of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Second Polish Republic. However, I often resigned to publish encyclopaedic informations you can find e.g. at Wikipedia, but I tried to share my personal experiences drawing from visiting those beautiful countries. My adventure with Kresy Wschodnie began in 2000 and since that time I like to be there again. I think more interested persons should know, what that sentiment means. For them let visiting this page be a next wandering among magnificent memories. The other I encourage to get to know a substitude of ukrainian and lithuanian beautiful landscapes.
By the way I would like to thank my cousin Olga and friend Ania for showing me the great Eastern Borderlands.
I encourage visitors to sign in the Guests book and initiate discussions in Forum.
Attention! If you would like to share with me your memories or photos connected with Kresy Wschodnie and publish on this website please send me an e-mail. If you would like to use the materials from this page contact with me as well. Using them without my permission is forbidden.
Finally I wish you pleasant surfing and I invite you to visit my page again.
Tomasz Knapik

Kresy Wschodnie, Ukraina - mapa (549KB) At the beginning wandering through Eastern Borderlands I suggest you to see a map of Ukraine on the right and a map of Lithuania [here], where you can find places described on my website. Below is a search engine which helps you to find seeking object immediately.
The term "kresy" was used in nowdays meaning by Wincenty Pol in a poem Mohort written in the half of the 19th century. Popularity of that poem made the meaning common character. And this is a fragment of it:

Lviv, Eastern Borderlands      Bo trzeba wiedzieć, choć nie było wojny
     Przecież na kresach rzadki dzień spokojny.
     Humańskiej rzezi pamięć była świeża,
     A bojaźń dżumy trzymała żołnierza
     I dniem, i nocą na czacie granicznej;
     Bo potrzeba wielka, a człek nie był liczny.
     Tam na dwór jakiś Tatarzy napadli
     Na nadgraniczu i cerkiew złupili,
     To znów Kozacy nam tabun ukradli,
     Czeladź uwiedli i wioskę spalili,
     Czasem i łotry od multańskiej dziczy
     Wtargnęli, siłą dostawszy języka,
     Czasem też nasi, tak, na ochotnika
     Ruszyli sobie na odwet ku Siczy.
         Wincenty Pol
         Mohort. Rapsod rycerski (fragment)